"Synthesis of Music and Ceramics"

"Synthesis of Music and Ceramics"

The club “Savos erdvės” that is located in Ramygala, Panevėžys district, has been organizing international ceramists meetings since 2010. There the artists delve into the traditions of old ceramics and interpret them, expressing their ideas on a certain creative theme. Every year, the participants start the symposium by making a spoon – a symbol of the beginning and the end of human life.

This year’s project invited ceramists from Lithuania and Latvia to Ramygala to create musical instruments – kitchen utensils. Wind and percussion musical instruments, decorative compositions and utensils on the theme of music were molded. The creators were inspired by the traditional instruments of Lithuania and other nations of the world: rattles, ocarinas, marimbas, kalimbas, whistles and other sound-emitting objects.

The ceramists from Lithuania and Latvia shared their experience and worked at the symposium: Skirmantas Petraitis, Audrius Gokas, Eiginta Beinortaitė, Genutė Vaičikauskienė, Gražina Visockienė, Skaidrė Račkaitytė, Jolita Šlepetienė, Toma Kisieliūtė, Laima Kiškienė, Aleksandrs Maijers, Inga Maijere un Vita Bogana.


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