Exhibition "Inspired by Love to Biržai Land"

Exhibition "Inspired by Love to Biržai Land"

Every year we try to organize exhibitions not only of contemporary art, folk artists and the works of handicraft clubs but also to show a small part of the museum collections. Since the establishment of the museum in 1928, more than 120,000 items have been accumulated in the museum storages.

Hoping that the museum will finally open its door to visitors after a long break, we decided to present to your attention almost 40 paintings and graphic work by the authors who were born and raised, studied or worked in Biržai district. These authors are not only professional but also self-taught artists and folk artists. In fact, selecting works for such an exhibition was quite a challenge: a lot of artists their life and creative paths are different. The themes of the works are portraits, landscapes, still lives, the town of Biržai in the past and now, Astravas manor, the Širvėna lake, the castle, images of Vilnius –what the authors saw and what was relevant to them.

Most of the works were donated to the museum by the authors themselves or their relatives, others were acquired by the museum.

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