Biržai Baroque Spring 2020

2020 - 08 - 07

The concert of the festival “Biržai Baroque Spring 2020” will take place at 7 pm on 7 August at Pasvalys St. John the Baptist church.

Choral preludes that emphasize the essential truths of the faith are at the heart of the concert “Glory to the Only God”. The truths are: the Ten Commandments of the God (Dies sind die heil'gen zehn Gebot), the Lord’s Prayer (Vater Unser), the Sacrament of Baptism (Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam), the Blessed Sacrament (Jesus Christus unser Heiland).
Balys Vaitkus will perform works by J. S. Bach, G. Frescobaldi, J. K. Kerll, G.
Böhm for organ solo.

The concert is free.

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A biržiečė vaišin dainuodamūs
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