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Biržai Castle Today

The Sėla Biržai Region Museum gradually settled in the newly restored representational palace of the castle in 1978-1988. From the Dutch-style bastion-type fortress that was built by the Radvila dukes and used to defend Lithuania’s northern borders in the 17th-18th centuries, two gunpowder buildings and a bridge have so far been restored. The restoration of the arsenal was recently begun.
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Barbora Radvilaitė’s father

Jurgis Radvila (Radziwill), the head of Biržai-Dubingiai branch of this famous family and the father of Barbora Radvilaitė, queen of Lithuania and Poland, was called The Victor for a reason; he won 30 battles against the Tartars, the Muskovites and the Crusaders. His grandson Kristupas Radvila “Perkūnas” (the Thunderer) built the first Castle of Biržai (Biržai pilis).

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The Treaty of Biržai

In 1701, two rulers met in Biržai: Augustus II (1670-1733), King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania and Elector of Saxony, and Peter I (1672-1725), the Russian Tsar. They signed the Treaty of Biržai, a union between the two rulers against the Swedes. However, this didn’t stop the Swedes, who turned Biržai Castle to ruins in 1704...

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An unbreakable corner of the castle

The ruins of Biržai Castle stood for almost three hundred years. One of the corners of the castle stood as a reminder of the glory of the Radvilai. That’s the one which, according to legend, a happy newlywed couple were bricked up while the palace was being constructed. The palace revived only in 1979-1988 and today Biržai’s regional museum Sėla is situated here.
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Radvila spoke Lithuanian

Duke Jonušas Radvila (1612-1655), born and raised in Papilys, was one of the creators of the second Biržai Castle. He was the only member of the Radvila family ruling Biržai who was able to speak Lithuanian. In 1655, together with 1,134 noblemen and gentries, Radvila signed a treaty with Sweden in the town of Kėdainiai, terminating the union with Poland.

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Wedding present

In 1568, Mikalojus Radvila “Rudasis” (the Redhead) on the occasion of the wedding of his son Kristupas Radvila “Perkūnas” with Ona Sobkovna gave him Papilys Castle and Manor, the town with all its farms, totalling 500 valaks (1 valak = 21 ha). During the war of 1625-1627, the Swedes burned Papilys and destroyed Biržai Castle, which had been built by Perkūnas in 1586-1589.

The educational programme "Žaldoko alus" (Žaldokas beer) will give you an opportunity to learn the ancient traditions of brewing in the Biržai region. You can also try beer made by the oldest brewery of Lithuania.
At 4pm on September 14, the Sėla Museum of the Biržai region is hosting a presentation of a special silver coin with a relief of Biržai castle made by the Bank of Lithuania. The event will be held in the Radvilai Chamber. The chairman of the board of the Bank of Lithuania is taking part in the presentation.
Use the opportunity to register your marriage in the beautiful surroundings of Biržai, in a chamber of your choice in the Palace of Radvilai Dukes.

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